The Beginning

In October 1983, 24 guiders from around the UK were invited by Sue Stevens to Foxlease for a weekend of singing to "see whether or not
it would work"!

Now, over 25 years later, Foxlease Singing Circle has a membership of
around 200.

Although Sue shared only two full weekends with us before she died of cancer in 1985, her spirit continues to be a lasting influence on the life of
the Singing Circle.

The Foxlease Singing Circle Necker

Back in 1981/82 following the introduction of the necker into the Guide Uniform, Marjorie King (former Guider-in-Charge of Foxlease) and Sue Stevens thought it would be helpful if the Foxlease Staff wore a necker so that visitors to the house and estate could recognise them. Marjorie and Sue visited Netherurd, and Sue spent a little time researching the history of Princess Mary, The Princess Royal after whom the house at Foxlease is named. Princess Mary was a Royal Stewart, and Marjorie and Sue returned with Royal Stewart tartan neckers which were worn by the house staff for many years.

Following the inaugural meeting which led to the formation of the Singing Circle in 1983, the council at CHQ were approached to see if we could be called Foxlease Singing Circle. The council agreed and Foxlease Singing Circle was formed. Green was chosen as the colour of the necker, with the Royal Stewart tartan edge to celebrate our link with Foxlease.

Singing Circle Necker